Manjul Kumar

Strategic Consultant, IPR and Business Development, Europe


“Having served for both start-ups and multi-national corporations, Manjul carries an extensive exposure to the domain of Intellectual Property. Having pursued his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical engineering from IIT, Delhi, and a master’s degree in management, from Germany, his professional career has reflected success in harnessing his technical and managerial skills, in delivering a versatility of patent projects. In collaboration with US patent attorneys, Manjul has drafted several patent specifications in different technological areas, including inventions in the domain of automotive, telecommunication, software and bio-medical domains. Further, he is equipped with extensive knowledge of the US patent law, and has responded to several patent office actions for the USPTO.

Manjul is responsible for the strategic planning and business development operations of the company in the European region. Being the company’s key point of contact in Europe, he engages in business relationship with the company’s clientele, and is also responsible for monitoring and delivering the company’s patent projects for European IP law firms and corporations. “

  • Strategic Consultant, IPR and Business Development, Europe