Sreeakhil Sreenivasan

Patent Specialist


Akhil is a Patent professional with more than four years of experience in patent drafting of inventions in the field of Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Computer, Software, Mechanical fields. Attained strong analytical skills, capable to understand complex/cutting edge technology issues across domains and have wide experience in working with inventors and attorneys from a variety of domains and legal firms. 

He is experienced in drafting patent applications for USPTO/EPO/MYIPO and other patent offices. In addition he is also well versed in conducting FTO, Validity/Invalidity Search,Patentability Search, Trademark Searches and responding to office actions from USPTO/PCT/ MYIPO etc. He is also able to respond quickly, effectively and efficiently to client’s needs – including timely delivery of projects by conducting in depth analysis of innovations related to Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Computer, Software, Mechanical, Business method fields.

  • Patent Specialist