IP Prosecution


Filing and prosecuting patent applications has never been an easy business but there is plenty to gain for those who have a first-class idea and who are determinate to make it happen – provided it is original in the first place. Examples of patented inventions are as varied as the inventors who think about them. They do not have to be as complicated as the jet engine that drive an air-craft. In fact, some of the simplest inventions are sometimes some of the most useful. One example is a button which may be secured to cloth without the necessity of using thread- the brainchild of three local inventors.

At Adastra, the first step that we take is to advise the inventor to conduct a patent search to find out if there is anything similar in existence in the market to provide a level of comfort which may be necessary to justify a substantial investment in filing for a patent. We also conduct patent clearance searches in order to find out if the invention is indeed novel and can be filed or the invention can be used without infringement of third party rights. Many searching strategies are possible and we routinely advise on the most appropriate way of providing our clients with cost effective clearance for the new product or development. We have team of technically and legally qualified professionals with experiences across industry verticals such as biotechnology, engineering, semiconductors, telecommunications, embedded systems, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, business method, IT, etc. Our team is capable of drafting patent applications for and responding to office actions from varying jurisdictions such as India, USA, EP, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

  • We Provide the following services in matters concerning patent rights
  • Patentability Assessment
    Patent Drafting and Filing
    Patent Prosecution
    Attending to Patent Annuities
    Oppositions - Pre Grant and Post Grant, whenever applicable, such as India and EP
    Infringements/Clearance Search and Opinion across jurisdictions

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Trade Marks

Corporate identity and brand names or logos can be the most valuable marketing tools which a company possesses. Quite simply, trademarks sell products and services. Registration of a trademark protects this business asset, giving the proprietor the legal remedy to prevent others from using the same or similar mark and protecting the legitimate service industry or manufacturing base. The definition of a ‘trade mark’ in the Malaysia has been widened recently to include ‘signs’ such as the shape or colour of a container, a jingle, or even a smell.

Adastra provides full range of trade mark services, including advising on adoption of new trade marks, filing and prosecuting of applications, dealing with official objections, advising regarding third party rights, oppositions and cancellations, licensing, watching service to monitor possible conflicting third party applications and litigation.

We have considerable experience in representing clients before the Malaysia Trade Marks Regisry, in person where necessary. Professional advice should be obtained early in the process of selecting a trade mark, and certainly before making any significant expenditure on packaging, advertising or promotion.

We can carry out extensive national and international searches before a mark is adopted to assess whether the mark is available for use and registration without infringing any third party rights. We also monitor new trade mark applications to warn our clients where third parties have applied to register conflicting marks. We file and prosecute trade mark applications in mission elsewhere in the world through our overseas associates or through international systems.

Industrial Designs

Keeping up with its commitment to be a one-stop centre for IPRs, Adastra provide full range of services pertaining to filing and obtaining Industrial Design Rights (IDRs) registrations in India, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Our services for IDRs include searching, filing and prosecuting applications for registration of Industrial Design Rights, attending to renewals, responding to objections/oppositions, clearance/infringement searches and opinions.

Industrial Design Rights registration provide protection to the aesthetic or visual designs of an object that may not have technical or industrial utility per se.