IP Valuation

Adastra offers competent valuation services for valuation of IP such as patents, trademarks, copyright and designs across multiple market and technology segments. We have professionals trained in area of IP valuation. We have worked with range of clients and assisted them in their valuation requirements from domains such as palm oil to construction industry.

We make use of latest market and business data, along with multi-prong approach towards valuation of any IP. The valuation of intellectual property is a challenging task, since it includes determining present value of an underlying asset against a future technology or product.

  • We generally approach one or more than one of the following approaches
  • Income Approach

    Income Approach: This method obtains value by discounting the projected revenue to a present value.

  • Cost Approach

    This method values an IP by considering the amount of expenditure and investment made for the development of the IP.

  • Market Approach

    Market Approach of IP valuation determines the value based on the current price at which similar property is valued by willing buyers and sellers.